Do Santa’s elves have names?

Have you ever wondered what the names are of Santa’s elves who make the toys in Santa’s workshop and take care of Santa’s reindeer?

While the official names of Santa’s elves are unknown, it is said their names range from Blink to Patch to Puffy and many other fun names that often describe them.

Santa Elf

How many elves does Santa have?

How many elves does Santa have?

The number of elves working for Santa continues to go way up each year.

The number of elves jumped to 90,000 last year.

Why do Santa’s elves have pointy ears?

Santa Elve Pointy Ears

If you happened to see one of Santa’s elves, you might have wondered why they have pointed or pointy ears.

Pointy ears are just one of the unique characteristics of elves that make them special.